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I live in and work for a county that gets a huge amount of tax revenue from oil companies. We are going to lose $30 million next fiscal year, which is more than my (already struggling) department’s yearly budget by a bit over 4 times. The prices are nice for me personally, but hard times are coming for the county.

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Donald Trump Jr. and the whiff of treason

Dear friend!

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Good wishes, Mona Lott

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The problem with deciding whether something is good for ‘sensitive skin’ is that everyone’s skin is sensitive/reactive to different products and situations. Do you know what it is in particular that his skin is sensitive to? My skin reacts poorly to alcohols, fatty alcohols and certain essential and carrier oils, but a HG product for me could be another person’s misery.

The cosdna website is a great resource to run product lists through to get a better idea of what things *could* be irritants. I’m having a look for the contouring stick ingredients now, if anyone has them handy I’d be happy to put them through cosdna for you!

edit: found an ingredient list and ran it through cosdna – none of the ingredients were rated highly as comedogenic/irritative. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that they **won’t** adversely effect sensitive skin, because people can be reactive to absolutely anything! But it would be worthwhile trying because there aren’t any particular red flags. He should try out a sample and patch test the contour stick on a small bit of skin.

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My Best, Rachael Poirier

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My opinion, release more adjustments. The game is alpha. Leagues can adjust on the fly, we are essential the beta testers, if nothing else constant changes will provide feedback things to discuss keep people listening and seeing work being done. I’d love to see us move nasbl to played trough steam once it plays as stable as the the standalone.

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